We know that choosing a gym comes down to both the style of workout and the atmosphere. What are the coaches like? what are the other people like? How does the facility look? Will I like the workout? With all these questions still in mind it just makes sense to be able to try our gym out and find out for yourself and you can do it for FREE.

How to Sign Up for a Free Trial and What to Expect

Free Trial

Using the free sign up form, simply select the class location, day and time that works best for you.  In the second step, provide your basic contact information. We do not sell or share your information!

  • You have zero commitment to join the gym
  • We never pressure you to join the gym
  • You will not be asked to provide any payment method to try our gym

What to Expect At Your Free Workout

Come to class about 15 minutes early so we can greet you, check you in and get you ready for class.

Wear stretchable, athletic clothing and bring a water bottle

A trainer will meet with you, discuss your fitness goals, show you around the gym and explain how that day’s workout will work.

Your workout will be tailored to your comfort and ability level. You do NOT need to be in excellent shape to start! Most people who join us are just starting their journey into fitness so you will not be alone!

If you enjoy our gym and workout program you can explore different types of memberships.  We offer monthly subscriptions, pay by class or purchase a set number of classes that can be used at your convenience. We’ll explain all our memberships and answer any of your questions with no pressure to join.

The right gym for you should always feel comfortable, inviting and friendly. We hope to demonstrate that to you, if we do, perhaps you’ll join our group.

We look forward to seeing you soon.